HMF 7020 and HMF 9520
New Cranes with lots of Power to Lift

More Power

More Power

As always with HMF, you get an excellent power-to-weight ratio. If you need extra lifting power, you can now have the K-boom system with Fly-Jibs specially adapted for optimal lifting capacity with a Fly-Jib.

The steel quality is ultra-high tensile steel, and all the subcomponents are treated either with zinc-nickel or zinc-iron coating.

The extra wide extension profile has increased strength, and there is an internal extension cylinder on the OK6, K6 and K7 extensions for optimal protection.


More user-friendly

More user-friendly

The new colour display makes controlling the crane even easier. The display shows where you are all the time in relation to safety, consumption and other factors, so you can quickly reach your work targets.

Now it is even easier to work with a hoist. The wire rope runs in automatically when you fold and un-fold the crane.

More safety

More safety

With AutoSwitch you can select the CYBEL setting with 2LMB, if you want to switch off EVS. The EVS system is deactivated when the stabilizer beams are fully extended and the stabilizer legs are on the ground

EVS is a dynamic stability safety system which constantly monitors the stability of the vehicle in all working areas during crane operation. EVS actively incorporates the load on the vehicle, the inclination of the ground, the vehicle heel, the load moment of the crane and its working speed. EVS increases the working area of the crane by calculating improved stability factors, for instance the load on the truck body and the stabilizer spread.

  K- or OK-boom system

K- or OK-boom system

Both models are available with either a K- or an OK-boom system.

Models with the very sturdy K-boom system is particularly designed for working with Fly-Jib under demanding conditions combined with for example a 3.2 t hoist. Models with the OK-boom system is designed for very reduced space requirements and particularly long reach.

Available with both hoist and Fly-Jib in different configurations.

HMF 7020K-RCS 
HMF 9520K-RCS 


We have an extended range of quality loader cranes for any lifting task

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Exhibitions 2018

Exhibitions 2018

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