Mission, Vision and Values

The mission of HMF is to develop, produce and sell high-quality products to quality-conscious customers.

•    To be the favourite supplier in the truck-mounted crane market worldwide.

•    That customers see HMF as an innovative and reliable supplier.

•    That HMF's products manage tasks in a functional, efficient and safe way to the customer’s satisfaction.

•    That HMF's committed and qualified employees have job satisfaction and constantly contribute to improving products and processes.

•    That HMF is a well-established and financially sound company.

Customer Focus: We wish that everyone in the company focuses on the customer and reacts fast and goal-directed on inquiries.

Reliability: We wish to do what we say and keep our promises..

Communication: Open and honest communication and at the same time business-oriented and professional.

Co-operation: Confident and respectful co-operation - we strive to work according to the motto “treat others the way you want to be treated”.

Responsibility: We want everyone to show corporate and personal responsibility in everything we do.

Commitment: We want our employees to have challenging and motivating tasks, which they can influence, and with a precise definition of responsibility and authority.


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