HMF is an international group that develops, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art truck-mounted loader cranes. 
HMF has become synonymous with high quality, innovative solutions, and above all for extremely hard-wearing products. Innovation and renewal have been the central themes throughout HMF’s history. Continued development in our cranes and new product launch show the drive behind HMF’s innovation. 
Functionality, safety and a long life span are fundamental factors in HMF’s product development, and here we reap great benefits from close collaboration with our customers.

HMF’s success is built on a constellation of highly-trained, well-motivated and very experienced employees, and this is vital to efficient production of a high-quality crane.
In a flat hierarchy, teams who have worked together for many years can work flexibly and make quick decisions, and, not least, maintain a good corporate environment.

Safety and Quality
HMF puts all products through an extensive test programme – either on the test bench at the factory or ready-mounted on the trucks - to ensure that customers only receive tested and reliable quality products.

Customer Focus
HMF’s product development is based on what customers want. Selected customers take an active part in developing new products in focus groups, and that is where the successful HMF solutions are conceived. HMF can then react early to developments on the market and meet customers’ expectations now and in the future.

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