HMF emptying device - For emptying waste-, paper-,
and bottle containers 

Low hook height

Compact solution

Unique concept

HMF Emptying Device

HMF Emptying Device

The equipment is compatible with a range of HMF cranes in the 610K-MCS through 2820K-RCS segment and has among other things the following great advantages:

· Low hook height
· Normal crane operation possible without removing the container handling equipment
· Stowing of the crane behind the driver's cab possible with the container handling equipment mounted

HMF part number:
8502910, 8502960 or 8502970 (depending on crane model and K-version).

To be placed inside the boom system.

8502910 can be used on the following HMF cranes:
· 1020K-MCS / 1130K-RCS: K2, K3, K4
· 1220K-MCS / 1330K-RCS: K2, K3, K4
· 1420K-MCS / 1920K-RCS: K3, K4, K5
· 2020K-MCS / 2320K-RCS: K4, K5
· 2420K-MCS / 2820K-RCS: K4, K5

8502960can be used on the following HMF cranes:
· 2020K-MCS / 2320K-RCS: K3
· 2420K-MCS / 2820K-RCS: K3

8502970 can be used on the following HMF cranes:
· 610K-MCS / 910K-RCS: K1, K2

Technical specifications: 
· Stroke: 850 mm
· Length of chain: 1500 mm 
· Maximum pressure in the cylinder: 220 bar
· Tractive force in the cylinder: 1,500 kg at 220 bar
· Oil flow for the cylinder: 10 l/min., by which a hoisting speed of 0.2 m/s is obtained
· Max. lifting capacity of the hook: 8 tonnes
· Lifting capacity of the chain: 1.5 tonnes



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