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Radio remote Control

Short knuckle boom system (KS)

Low Tare Weight


The HMF 1330KS-RCS Series is made from high-tensile steel, thus it has a particularly low tare weight. This crane has a short jib with up to 3 hydraulic extensions, and can be equipped with hydraulically extensible stabilizer beams and swing-up stabilizer legs (option). Apart from very high lifting height at the column, the short jib also provides the possibility of stowing the crane with a grab fitted in a truck body of 4 m. 
Along with the optimized jib of the crane and a maximum reach of 9.8 m in the K3 version, the crane has a lot of power to lift heavy loads high up and close to the column. The crane is equipped with a high performance hydraulic system, an optimized crane geometry and the RCL Safety System that guarantee a highly efficient, very fast and safe HMF crane. 
Additionally, the crane can be delivered with HMF's load-dependent EVS system monitoring and ensuring stability.

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Lifting capacity diagrams:

Technical Data

Technical Data

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