Extra precision

Low tare weight

High speed

Strong and precise


The HMF 1610K-RCS Series is available with up to 6 hydraulic extensions and an over-bending of 15° between the main boom and the jib that provide great flexibility for demanding tasks in narrow places, e.g. through low gates and windows.
The crane is equipped with a link arm on the jib, which provides high lifting capacity, even when the boom system is fully extended. The crane is suitable for fast grab work and for loading and unloading tasks at low height, far away from the vehicle.
It is also equipped with a user-friendly speed adaptation system, which at the same time provides an increased lifting capacity. This system is activated when the load moment of the crane approaches its maximum capacity and therefore optimizes the operator’s ability to finely adjust the movements of the crane. Moreover, the crane is radio remote controlled.
Additionally, this crane can be delivered with HMF's load-dependent EVS system monitoring and ensuring stability.

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