HMF HS10 Cranes

On crane models with the “HS10” designation, the crane's control position and control valve are placed on the stand-up platform. The crane operator operates the crane standing on the platform.

With stand-up control, the crane operator has an increased overview of the crane movements.

Especially when loading and unloading the platform body with e.g. grab or pallet fork, the crane operator has the full view of both the platform body and the working area.

On the platform, the crane operator is protected by an HSL safety system that creates a virtual safety “cage” around him. 

HMF 1800K-HS10

HMF 1800K-HS10

Crane with HS10 stand-up platform

HMF 2200K-HS10

HMF 2200K-HS10

Crane with HS10 stand-up platform.


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